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Adh.  Atoll Council being a model atoll council in the country, a caring organization looking after interests of Citizens and users with an efficient quality service for creation of Safe, Healthy and Wealthy life.



Organization achieving excellence in providing people centered services to the public / customer, optimizing the use of available resources through a competent, motivated and dedicated staff.




Councilors and staff’s will demonstrate their Commitment to the Adh. Atoll’s values by adopting the following actions.



Respect is demonstrated by:

  • Respecting yourself and caring about your own Wellbeing, Happiness, Appearance and Reputation.
  • Respecting your own safety and that of your workmates.
  • Respecting and treating fellow Councilor’s, Staff’s, Volunteers and the Community as you expect to be treated with Friendliness, Dignity, Fairness and Courtesy.
  • Respecting the Environment and recognizing the importance of caring for the Planet by thinking globally and acting locally.
  • Respecting the Council as the key elected Local Government decision making body.
  • Respecting the Adh. Atolls limited resources by safeguarding the atolls Assets, Vehicles, Equipment, Finances and Reputation.



Honesty is demonstrated by:

  • Being Truthful and acting with Integrity.
  • Building Trust through Reliability and Consistency.
  • Being Sincere in your Words and Actions.
  • Admitting your own mistakes and taking Responsibility for them.



Commitment is demonstrated by:

  • Striving to Improve or meet a standard of Excellence.
  • Being results orientated, with a high drive to meet objectives and standards.
  • Setting challenging goals and taking calculated risks.
  • Staying focussed on the vision to achieve the agreed outcomes.



Courage is demonstrated by:

  • Doing what is right even if it involves a personal cost.
  • Taking tough, principle stands even if they are unpopular.
  • Operating from hope of success rather than fear of failure.
  • Making the tough decisions and seeing things through to the end.



Innovation is demonstrated by:

  • Taking fresh perspectives in your thinking and work.
  • Being flexible in handling change.
  • Generating new ideas and Creative solutions.
  • Adapting to shifting priorities.
  • Recognising new and more efficient ways of doing things.