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The Adh. Atoll council was elected and sworn on 26th of February 2014, under Article 7 of the Act on Decentralization of the Administrative Divisions of the Maldives. This is an independent legal entity with a separate seal, possessing powers to sue and be sued, and to make undertakings in its own capacity.


Power and responsibilities of the Atoll Council:

a)      Govern the administrative division and work for the development of the division in accordance with the constitution of the Republic of the Maldives and the Laws.

b)      With community participation, provide guidance and support in planning island development plans and provide community recommendation to atoll relevant stake holders in planning development programs for the respective administrative divisions as a whole.

c)      Coordinate the activities of the island councils and monitor the functioning of the councils.

d)      Formulate plans and prepare to undertake affairs covered under the jurisdictions of the council, Monitor and evaluate development programs managed by island councils, formulate necessary policies at the level of administrative division and take all necessary actions to implement those policies and formulate relevant regulations of this purpose.

e)      Executive functions as stipulated by the Act on Decentralization of the Administrative Divisions of the Maldives, on behalf of the inhabitant of the administrative divisions.

f)       Manage resources and finances of the people of the administrative divisions of the province;

g)      In accordance with the land Act and other laws; acquire, own, invest in, lease out or give to other parties, land, reefs and lagoons for economic and social purposes and own such investments in the name of the Council;

h)      For economic or social purposes, acquire and own movable and immovable assets and to give or lease such assets maintained by the council, to other parties;

i)        Seek loans from financial institutions, within the limits stipulated in The Decentralization Act, to fund development activities and to submit council assets as loan securities and create funds for other undertakings;

j)        Within the limits stipulated the decentralization Act, create financial securities such as municipal bonds, bills and municipal securities and sell such financial securities in the Stock Market, to fund development activities;

k)      Enter into contracts and business ventures with various parties in order to provide the services mandated to the council at the level of administrative division;

l)        Foster the growth of tourism, fisheries, agriculture and other industries in the respective administrative division, in accordance with legislations of the Maldives;

m)   Determine and collect fees for services provided by the atoll council and services provided through the council;

n)      Submit reports to relevant authorities as stipulated in the Decentralization Act;

o)      When council members are replaced or if the name of the council is changed, take responsibility for the work undertaken by the previous council;

p)      Administer the council office;

q)      Perform other tasks as prescribed by a Law;

r)       Monitor performance of the Island Councils in due discharging their responsibilities.


Services rendered by atoll council

a)      Providing the services that have to be rendered to more than one island in the administrative division, and undertaking tasks that have been mandated to the council under various statutes;

b)      Among the various public services rendered by the Government ministries and offices, providing those services that are required to be delivered in the administrative division through the atoll council;

c)      Providing assistance and cooperation required by the state institutions and Government offices established in the administrative division;

d)      Establishing and maintaining a registration of islands and their lands fall within the administrative division and provide the information required by national land registration authority;

e)      Assisting island councils in seeking technical and financial assistance;

f)       Providing consultancies required to the island councils;

g)      Administering and implementing projects in the Development Plan of Administrative Division that have not been assigned to a particular island council;

h)      Providing other services which are assigned to the council, by a Law.


Adh. Atoll Council Members:

Name and Designation
1 President of Adh. Atoll Council Ms. Suhana Adam Masodige/  Adh. Mahibadhoo
2 Vice President of Adh. Atoll Council Mr. Ali Azam Starlight/ Adh. Maamigili
3 Councilor of Adh. Atoll Council Mr. Abdul Muhaimin Mohamed Switzerland/ Adh. Maamigili
4 Councilor of Adh. Atoll Council Mr. Ahmed Kamal Iramaage/ Adh. Maamigili
5 Councilor of Adh. Atoll Council Mr. Ahmed Khaleel Orchidmaage/ Adh. Mahibadhoo
6 Councilor of Adh. Atoll Council Mr. Ali Fuad Thandiraimaage/ Adh. Mahibadhoo